Thursday, 09 October 2014 13:34

Float Weightlessly at H2O Float Spa

If you've never had the opportunity to float weightlessly and effortlessly, this might be the next best thing to visiting the Dead Sea. At H2O Float Spa, you can choose from floating in an enclosed pod or a larger float tub, with varying options for sensory deprivation The high density of Epsom salt causes one to float effortlessly and weightlessly on the surface of the water. The water is even more buoyant than the Dead Sea, allowing you to reach a state of complete physical and mental relaxation.

Although you may choose to float in complete darkness and silence (the rooms are sound-proofed), you also have the option of in-water lighting and relaxing music.

Check it out at H2O Float Spa - 138 Danforth Ave. Open until 11:30pm most nights and 10pm Sundays.

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