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Faces & Places of Danforth/Broadview: Amr @ Papyrus

We’re back with our next install of #facesofthedanforth ! And we want to introduce you to Amr of @papyrus_toronto . His restaurant is based on traditional Egyptian cooking that uses the freshest and best quality ingredients. This is what Amr prides himself most on in his dining experience. He strives to ensure that everything is tasting exactly as it should with a guarantee of freshness and quality.

Amr came from a corporate background but then stopped working about 5 years ago to look after a disabled family member. He eventually decided to go back to work and wanted to do something he enjoyed given the challenges of caregiving. He has always been passionate about food, especially Egyptian food. He also felt that Egyptian vegetarian food is underrepresented in the city. “It’s such a great food and very relevant to today’s concerns about the environment, health and animal welfare. The food has been round for a long time and it’s a main staple for most Egyptians. How can it not be good? “ - Amr says.

He opened the restaurant in November of 2018. Having possession of the space in August allowed him to take care of renovations and developing the menu. He continues to tweak the menu as he sees which items are better suited to his clientele but continues to take great effort to maintain his integrity over quality and freshness, with a dedication to vegetarian cuisine.

Amr says he was really pleasantly surprised by how supportive the community was to a new business like his. People stopped by offering to help and made it clear they wanted them to succeed and stick around. Business owners stopped by to introduce themselves and welcome them. The other part he really likes is the progressive outlook from the community: “This resonates very well with our own values. Finally, it feels like a community. This I find really appealing. We feel we belong and want to contribute. “

Stop in and say hello! Amr is always very happy to discuss the history and tastes behind his dishes. It is an immersive & educational culinary experience!


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